How The Right Shipping Containers Can Save You Money On Your Freight Costs


The cost of shipping and freight can be very steep for most manufacturing or warehouse facilities; however, far too many of these companies overlook simple ways they can reduce these costs. The right shipping containers can be part of this cost reduction, using something lighter or smaller can often mean cost savings, as most shippers charge by both weight and size when figuring the price of delivery. Note a few simple ways that the right shipping containers can save you money on your freight costs.

1. Choosing the material

When you purchase shipping containers, do you consider the materials used to create them? Lightweight balsa wood or bamboo can be better choices than standard plywood, as they typically weigh less while still being very durable and strong. If you consistently use wood pallets or other shipping containers for your items, note the weight of the materials used and choose something light yet strong. This can add up to quite a bit of cost savings down the road.

The same is true if you use metal shipping containers of any size. Stainless steel can be very durable and strong, but aluminum is much lighter. If you're buying a shipping container that you will use again and again, you should inspect an aluminum container carefully, as it may be more prone to rust and corrosion, but for short-term or one-time shipping, consider aluminum or a metal composite that is lighter than steel and other materials.

2. Downsizing

Downsizing your shipping containers can also save you money since many shippers charge by size and not just weight. A good way to downsize while still having your items property protected is to have your containers custom made. A molded plastic can be formed that fits your product exactly, and this can be a good choice for items you ship repeatedly. Wood crates can even be cut and formed to fit your product more precisely, rather than just buying a generic size.

Downsizing your shipping containers not only saves you money because of the size of the container, but also downsizing can save money on the cost of packing materials. The smaller the container, the less Styrofoam or plastic cushioning you'll need for filler. Containers that are cut to size also eliminate the need for a cushioning filler altogether. Be sure you consider this cost savings when you're considering the advantage of having your containers custom made for your product.

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19 March 2015

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