How to Move a Hot Tub Safely and Effectively


When you are moving house, you might end up with some large items that are even more difficult than that big sectional in your living room. One of the more complicated items to move is a hot tub, not just because of its weight, but its large, awkward size. Here are some tips for moving the hot tub safely and effectively.

Drain All the Water

The first thing to do when you are planning on moving a hot tub is to take some preparation steps. Start by disconnecting the water supply lines to the hot tub and draining it out. Connect a garden hose to the drain of the hot tub with the other end pointing into the yard. This allows you to begin draining the water from the hot tub into the hose and out into your lawn. It also prevents you from wasting the water. Once it is completely drained out, take some towels to the inside of the hot tub to ensure it is completely dry.

Get the Hot Tub Ready for Transport

At this point, you simply need to put the drain cap over the drain and make sure it is tight. Find all of the hot tub's cords and secure them against the hot tub or underneath by taping them there. This helps to keep them out of the way when attempting to move the hot tub. The last thing you need to do before it is time to move the hot tub is find the motor to the hot tub and make sure it is secure.

Turn the Hot Tub to Its Side

Due to the large size of hot tubs, it is usually best that they are placed on their side with the help of multiple people. Try to have at least one person for each corner of the hot tub so you can rotate it effectively. Have the helpers choose one size to rotate the hot tub to, turn it to that side, and slide it onto a large appliance dolly. Tow straps should be used to secure it to the dolly. Make sure everyone is helping to hold onto the hot tub as it is rolled out and to the moving truck area.

Be sure it is rolled very slowly. You might also want to use the technique of putting the hot tub flat on two different flat dollies. This depends on how much room you have on the side of your home when moving out the hot tub.

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18 February 2016

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