Moving Homes? 4 Steps To Properly Pack Your Sofa Before The Removalists Arrive


If you're moving between homes and decided to get the packing done on your own before the removalists arrive, then you've got your work cut out for you to ensure minimal damage to your furniture and appliances. This guide equips you with smart steps to properly pack your sofa before the removalists get to your home.

Unscrew Legs From Sofa And Place Them In A Plastic Bag

If your sofa has legs that can be unscrewed, then it's best that you remove them entirely and place them in a plastic bag. Your sofa's legs are most vulnerable to damage, so removing them will ensure that they remain damage-free during the transit process to your new home. Place them in a plastic bag and leave them on the sofa bed to avoid losing them during the move.

Shield Vulnerable Corner Areas With Soft Polystyrene Sheets

Your sofa corners are most vulnerable to damage when it is lifted and transported between doorways and entrances. To protect the corners, you can use polystyrene sheets. Polystyrene sheets are soft and malleable, which means that they can be moulded to cover the corners of your sofa. This will protect the sofa from damage even if it gets banged against an entryway during transport. Place polystyrene sheets on the handles, top and bottom corners of the sofa for maximum protection.  

Cover The Sofa With A Soft Blanket

Before you decide to wrap the sofa completely, you should ideally cover it completely in a soft blanket to ensure that it is completely protected when the removalists move it from one place to the next. The blanket helps to shield the inside fabric from dirt or damage. Simply place the blanket over the sofa and cover it before you use stretch film wrap around the sofa.

Wrap Sofa In Stretch Film For Maximum Protection

After covering your sofa with a blanket, wrap it with stretch film to ensure maximum protection during transport from one home to the other. Stretch film adds another layer of protection and will ensure that the sofa fabric doesn't get dirty or discoloured when the sofa is taken to your new home. Stretch film is easily available at most stationery stores. Make sure that the sofa leg plastic bag is placed on the sofa before you wrap it to avoid losing them in the confusion of the move.

Follow these quick steps to prepare your sofa for moving day before the removalists arrive in your home.


25 July 2016

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After my parents passed away I inherited a lot of bulky furniture items that have been in my family for many generations. My current inner city flat is nowhere near big enough for it so I rented out a storage unit. Sometimes I head out to the storage lot just to look through it and remember them. Luckily the furniture has stayed in great condition and one day when I finally get a big family home, I'll be able to have it all on display. I spent a lot of time researching the best way to store vintage furniture long term, and it's all on my site. Enjoy!