Dos And Don'ts When Using Moving Boxes for a Household Shift


Moving house is both stressful and expensive. With packing, it is tempting to save money by using inferior packing materials, but this can lead to damaged belongings. If you are a person who is moving house shortly and who needs to start accumulating packing supplies, here are the dos and don'ts you need to know about using moving boxes during your upcoming household relocation.

Do Consider Secondhand Boxes

When using secondhand boxes, everyone has an opinion on whether or not they should be utilised. On the one hand, they are cheaper to purchase than new ones, but on the other hand, their strength may be compromised due to interior damage you can't see. There are two ways you can confidently move forward with the idea of using secondhand boxes:

  1. Use used boxes that were specifically made to be used for moving boxes. This means choosing used moving boxes that have reinforced bottoms and sides, rather than just using any old packing box you find outside your local supermarket.
  2. Reduce the chance of fragile belongings being broken by only packing these into brand-new moving boxes, which you know have the structural integrity to support the items you are moving.

Don't Forget to Mark the Boxes

Some people choose to write the contents of the box onto the box so they are easily identified. Others prefer to either write the room the box contents came from or colour code boxes and have a legend of where each colour belongs. No matter which way you want to identify the box contents, don't forget to mark them so that you know exactly where each box belongs once it arrives at your new home. This saves time during the unpacking stage.

Do Have a First Night Box

When placing your belongings into their respective boxes, do make sure you keep one aside that is specific for your first night in your new home. Items to pack into this box include PJs for the whole family, tea and coffee supplies or daily medication — anything which you will need in your first 24 hours at your new home. By using one box to collate all these items, you can be sure that you don't have to unpack all the rest of the boxes after a hard day of moving.

Talk to your mover to find out if they sell new or secondhand moving boxes for use during your upcoming shift as they have access to quality moving supplies you need.


17 October 2019

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