Organising your storage unit


A storage unit is an affordable way to provide space for your excess belongings. To really get the most out of your storage space, though, you'll want to make sure you organise it effectively. Here are a few tips for keeping your storage unit neatly organised. 

Limit box sizes

When packing, it's natural to use whatever boxes you have to hand. When you're packing items for a storage space, however, you should try to keep the number of different box sizes to a minimum. Boxes of similar size are easier to stack and shelve, eliminating some of the challenges of moving into a storage space. However, a single size of moving box might not be able to meet all of your needs. Heavier items such as books or dishes are better suited for smaller boxes, while larger boxes are better for lighter items such as clothes or bedding. 

Avoid plastic bags

Plastic bags are an easy way to pack and store loose items, but it's best to avoid them. Even in relatively dry environments, these bags can trap moisture, leading to mildew. Instead, pack belongings directly in cardboard boxes or storage bins. 

Raise your items

One way to keep your items smelling fresh is to allow space for air to circulate around them. One way to do this is by raising boxes off the floor using shipping pallets. Similarly, make sure to keep the pallets a few centimetres from the wall of your storage space. 

Use vertical space

Stacking boxes on top of each other is the traditional way to make use of vertical space in your storage unit. However, tall towers of boxes can be unstable; you run the risk of damaging boxes or even having the stack collapse. To avoid this, place the items you're storing on shelves. You can acquire modular shelving units for your storage space or repurpose shelves or bookcases from your home. 

Schedule occasional maintenance

If you're using your storage unit regularly, you'll find that it becomes more and more disorganised as time passes. This is perfectly normal; when you need something in a hurry, you may not have time to repack and reseal a box. Make time for occasional visits to seal opened boxes, update labels and put items back on shelves. It will only take a few minutes, but it'll make using your storage unit easier and more enjoyable in the future. 


9 January 2020

Storing my family heirlooms

After my parents passed away I inherited a lot of bulky furniture items that have been in my family for many generations. My current inner city flat is nowhere near big enough for it so I rented out a storage unit. Sometimes I head out to the storage lot just to look through it and remember them. Luckily the furniture has stayed in great condition and one day when I finally get a big family home, I'll be able to have it all on display. I spent a lot of time researching the best way to store vintage furniture long term, and it's all on my site. Enjoy!