Removalist: Three Tips for a Stress-free Office Removal


Moving office is a very stressful process. There are so many small details to handle. If you are moving, ensure that you hire a professional removalist. They can help you move more efficiently. Here are three ways to make moving easy and stress-free.  

Plan and Start Early 

If you have decided to move the office, start planning the move early. A lot of the tension and stress that occurs during moving is as a result of poor planning. Start by choosing the items you wish to take to the new office and those you need to throw out. Go through your papers and equipment, and decide which items are still useful. Take time to find out which items require repair. It is best to take care of repair before you move. 

Delete all your documents from old computers and phones. Ensure you take time when doing it to ensure you do not lose data you may want to keep. After you have cleaned out your data, you can send the old computers to a recycling company or use a donation program. 

Your Employees 

Office moves involve every employee, so talk to your employees about the move. Ensure that they are aware of the roles they play during the removal. Ensure that they are aware of the benefits of moving to the new location.  When you have done this, you can focus your energy on their concerns, such as longer commutes. Before moving day, have an office party to keep spirits up. Holding a party to celebrate the move will keep employee morale high. It will also make them excited and positive about the move. That will lower their stress levels.


Allow yourself enough time to move. Remember, an office move includes a lot of people. Ensure that you talk to them about the best time to move. If your employees are in the middle of negotiating a vital deal, moving could disorganize everything. Ensure that you pick a time when business is slow and that you can afford to close for a few days to move. Allowing enough time will ensure you and your employees are not stressed out. You also have a chance to inform your regular customers about the new office. Not rushing the move will also ensure that you do not lose any items


Hiring a removalist will significantly lower your stress levels when moving. Ensure that you hire a company that has experience in office removals.

To learn more about moving to a new office, contact removalists in your area.


13 February 2020

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