The Dos And Don'ts Of Office Moves


Office moves do not leave any room for error. A broken appliance during removals could lead to the loss of critical data. On the other hand, poor planning could cause business interruptions which could affect your reputation. So, how do you execute an office move? The article below details the dos and don'ts of moving your office. 

The Dos

Examine The Capability Of Your Removalist

An inexperienced removalist could cause delays or damage your office equipment. For this reason, ensure that your removalist can handle the move. For instance, inquire about their biggest removal contracts. Contact these clients and ask how they rate the removalist's services. The removalist should also give details on how they prevent damage and breakage during the move. When moving interstate, the removalist must have the required permits. 

Involve Your Employees

Your employees are a vital aspect of the move. Involving them will help prevent disorganisation during the move or in the new premises. For instance, you could ask them to take personal items and documents with them. Additionally, they should also arrange their workplaces to ensure the removalist has an easy time setting their new workstations. 

Ensure You Have Adequate Insurance

When taking removals insurance, ask the removalist to inspect your premises to appraise your office items. It ensures that you are adequately insured. Additionally, ensure that the insurance terms are fair. For instance, check the compensation process and how long it takes to receive compensation. Further, examine the appraisal process. For example, will you receive an amount equal to the item's current market price, or will you receive a new item? 

The Don'ts

Do Not Forget Valuables

Your office could contain valuables and sentimental items such as cash, paintings, trophies, antiques, certificates and confidential business information. Due to the risk involved in transporting these items alongside furniture and appliances, it would be wise to organise separate transport. For instance, you could ask the removalist to organise secure transport. 

Do Not Forget To Inspect The New Premises

Your new premises will be quite different from your current office. Therefore, inspect it to establish a suitable floor plan. Besides, determine an appropriate method of moving in the furniture. For example, in some cases, it would be more reasonable to hoist the items instead of carrying them through narrow staircases. 

Moving your office does not have to be a complicated task if you follow the above guide. The underlying principle of any office move is working with an experienced professional. Reach out to a removalist to learn more. 


26 August 2021

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