3 Ways a Mobile Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Business


Most people only use portable storage units when relocating or when they need additional home storage. However, businesses (like construction, retail or event planners) can also leverage mobile storage units to realize new success levels without breaking the bank. These containers are both rodent and weather-proof. They ensure the best security for your stored items

Below are practical ways a mobile storage unit can benefit your business.

Short-Term Storage During Renovations

If you plan to renovate your business, you can hire a portable storage unit to store your items and ensure your business runs uninterrupted. Take the case of businesses such as restaurants and hotels. These establishments always require a clean space to remain attractive to customers. However, renovations can compromise the cleanliness of these businesses.

Luckily, you can hire a mobile storage container to keep tools and clutter out of customers' view during a renovation. You can also store your furniture, extra stock, restaurant supplies (patio furniture, excess inventory or dishware) and computers in mobile storage containers. 

Most restaurants opt to shut down during major renovations. Still, an on-site mobile unit is vital to safely store chairs, tables, tools and other work equipment. Additionally, your stored fixtures and inventory will be safe from theft until the renovation is complete. 

Extra Office Space

You don't have to spend a ton of money on renovations to expand your office space or rent or purchase a larger office space. A mobile storage unit offers you an additional, secure office space without breaking the bank.

Also, if you have a business idea you would like to implement, such as a workshop, recording studio or photo studio, a mobile storage unit can be a great place to launch it. And if your business involves a lot of travelling, you can use a portable unit as a mobile office so you can handle your business on the go.

Storage for Paperwork and Files

Businesses can use a portable storage unit to keep their documents safe and organized, especially confidential documents like tax records. A storage unit also offers a perfect space to store paperwork that you don't need immediately. 

This strategy helps declutter your office and creates more working space for your employees. As you choose a mobile storage unit for document storage, go for one that's climate-controlled and has premium security features. This way, your documents will not be at risk of deterioration or theft.

A mobile storage unit provides extra office space where you can store your documents and important items during a renovation project. These units offer affordable, flexible and secure storage solutions, so don't hesitate to hire one for your business.   


24 February 2022

Storing my family heirlooms

After my parents passed away I inherited a lot of bulky furniture items that have been in my family for many generations. My current inner city flat is nowhere near big enough for it so I rented out a storage unit. Sometimes I head out to the storage lot just to look through it and remember them. Luckily the furniture has stayed in great condition and one day when I finally get a big family home, I'll be able to have it all on display. I spent a lot of time researching the best way to store vintage furniture long term, and it's all on my site. Enjoy!