How to Label Your Moving Boxes to Ensure a Smooth Move


Moving day can be complicated and stressful, but clearly and effectively labelling your boxes can make the day easier for both you and your removalists. This article gives four top tips on how to label your boxes to make moving day go smoothly. 

Colour-Code Your Boxes by Room

You should begin by clearly colour-coding each box by room. Buy some large, brightly-coloured stickers, and come up with a code. For example, all boxes with a blue sticker are for the kitchen, while pink ones denote the master bedroom. Apply these to all sides of the boxes, so that your removalists definitely see them. You should also make sure your movers are aware of what each sticker means, so maybe attach stickers to the doors in your new home or take them on a tour of your new place first.

Label High-Priority Boxes

You should also label your high-priority boxes, which are the ones you'll want to open first. For example, you'll probably want to open the kitchen box that contains cutlery and plates before you unpack the one that contains your garlic press and cheese grater. Either label the boxes with a number or mark them with a star to denote that they're high-priority. This is mostly for you, but it'll also help your movers, as they'll be able to avoid putting a high-priority box at the back of the room, or under a stack of less important boxes.

Create a List of What's in Each Box

Next, create a list of what each box contains, and tape it to the side of each box. This could be a detailed list, or a very simple summary of the contents – for example, "DVDs", or "Charlie's winter clothes". This will help you when you're unpacking, as you'll know exactly what to expect when you open each box, and it'll help you figure out a good unpacking order. It's also useful if you find you need a certain item on moving day, as you'll know where to find it.

Carefully Label Fragile Boxes

Finally, it's vital to mark any boxes containing fragile items as fragile. This is important for you, as you don't want any items broken. However, it's also helpful for your movers, as they can avoid awkward incidents and will also be able to lift other boxes faster if they see you've clearly labelled fragile boxes. Make sure the labels are very clear and visible. Make sure your fragile items are packed carefully. offer some ideas on using newspaper to pad items and fill space in boxes to avoid items moving and breaking.

 By creating a colour code, labelling priority and fragile boxes, and accurately labelling boxes with their contents, you can ensure that moving day is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Reach out to a removalist services company for more information.


27 September 2022

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