The Benefits Of Commercial Removalists


Most business people are in a dilemma of whether or not to engage commercial removal services when moving their offices. Regardless, there are numerous benefits to hiring removalists.

Continue reading this piece to learn the benefits of hiring commercial removalists.

Organisation and Professionalism

You are likely to take a casual approach to the moving process. However, as you will soon realise, planning a move can be a complex process. Typically, you have numerous tasks, such as managing your business activities, making moving arrangements, and packing your items. It predisposes you to make unforeseeable oversights. For instance, you could forget to defrost the office freezer or pack confidential documents. Even worse, you might forget to inform your current or new property manager about the move. Your removalist draws a removals plan detailing each party's obligations to ensure a successful move. Moreover, they handle most of the tasks. It prevents disorganisation during the move. 

The removalist also brings in much-needed professionalism. For instance, they bring packaging equipment to prevent damage to office items during the move. For example, removal blankets help protect your furniture and electronics from scratches as you move and load these items. The removalist also has trollies and furniture straps to carry bulky items. Experienced removalists also take removal insurance that compensates clients whose items get damaged during the move. 

Personal Safety

Your safety is at risk if you attempt a self-move. For example, you could injure your back and feet when lifting heavy furniture. You could also slip or fall since your floor is scattered with different items. Removalists understand the safety measures to observe when planning a move. For instance, they wear safety gear such as gloves and safety boots to prevent injuries. Should a removal crew member suffer an injury, you are not liable since the removalist has worker's compensation insurance.

Provision Of Storage Services

Storage services can significantly ease the moving process. For instance, you might need storage space in your new office if you intend to keep your office decluttered. Portable on-demand storage could also come in handy as you move. For example, you could use this alternative to lower the moving costs. Alternatively, you could use the containers as temporary storage when renovating your new office. Some business owners use storage containers as offsite offices or guest rooms. This way, they do not have to lease extra office space. 

Commercial removalists are beneficial to the removal process. Remember to assess your preferred removalist to ensure they are experienced and affordable. 


16 March 2023

Storing my family heirlooms

After my parents passed away I inherited a lot of bulky furniture items that have been in my family for many generations. My current inner city flat is nowhere near big enough for it so I rented out a storage unit. Sometimes I head out to the storage lot just to look through it and remember them. Luckily the furniture has stayed in great condition and one day when I finally get a big family home, I'll be able to have it all on display. I spent a lot of time researching the best way to store vintage furniture long term, and it's all on my site. Enjoy!