Moving Homes? 4 Steps To Properly Pack Your Sofa Before The Removalists Arrive


If you're moving between homes and decided to get the packing done on your own before the removalists arrive, then you've got your work cut out for you to ensure minimal damage to your furniture and appliances. This guide equips you with smart steps to properly pack your sofa before the removalists get to your home. Unscrew Legs From Sofa And Place Them In A Plastic Bag If your sofa has legs that can be unscrewed, then it's best that you remove them entirely and place them in a plastic bag.

25 July 2016

How to Move a Hot Tub Safely and Effectively


When you are moving house, you might end up with some large items that are even more difficult than that big sectional in your living room. One of the more complicated items to move is a hot tub, not just because of its weight, but its large, awkward size. Here are some tips for moving the hot tub safely and effectively. Drain All the Water The first thing to do when you are planning on moving a hot tub is to take some preparation steps.

18 February 2016