How The Right Shipping Containers Can Save You Money On Your Freight Costs


The cost of shipping and freight can be very steep for most manufacturing or warehouse facilities; however, far too many of these companies overlook simple ways they can reduce these costs. The right shipping containers can be part of this cost reduction, using something lighter or smaller can often mean cost savings, as most shippers charge by both weight and size when figuring the price of delivery. Note a few simple ways that the right shipping containers can save you money on your freight costs.

19 March 2015

Five Storage Tips for Seniors and Elders


If you are a senior getting ready to move to an assisted living facility, you may need to downsize first. If you are reluctant to get rid of your possessions, renting a storage facility is a great compromise. Here are five things to keep in mind to make the storage experience successful for you: 1. Declutter Before Taking Objects to Storage Unless you are willing to pay for several storage lockers to store a lifetime worth of stuff, you need to declutter before you put anything in storage.

18 March 2015