How to Label Your Moving Boxes to Ensure a Smooth Move


Moving day can be complicated and stressful, but clearly and effectively labelling your boxes can make the day easier for both you and your removalists. This article gives four top tips on how to label your boxes to make moving day go smoothly.  Colour-Code Your Boxes by Room You should begin by clearly colour-coding each box by room. Buy some large, brightly-coloured stickers, and come up with a code. For example, all boxes with a blue sticker are for the kitchen, while pink ones denote the master bedroom.

27 September 2022

Two Things You Can Do to Help the Removalists You've Hired


If you've hired removalists, you won't need to be directly involved in the carrying or loading of your items, the following are just a few small things you could do to help them and ensure the move goes absolutely perfectly.  Pack your boxes so the removalists can easily carry them You should try to pack your boxes so that the removalists don't have any difficulty carrying them. For example, whilst it's sensible to reinforce a filled cardboard box's centre flaps to ensure it doesn't break open in transit, it's best not to wrap sticky tape around the entire base or sidewalls of the box.

25 May 2022

3 Ways a Mobile Storage Unit Can Benefit Your Business


Most people only use portable storage units when relocating or when they need additional home storage. However, businesses (like construction, retail or event planners) can also leverage mobile storage units to realize new success levels without breaking the bank. These containers are both rodent and weather-proof. They ensure the best security for your stored items Below are practical ways a mobile storage unit can benefit your business. Short-Term Storage During Renovations

24 February 2022

4 Benefits of Using a Professional Furniture Removal Service


Moving to a new home can be tricky when you have a lot of furniture to transport. You might assume that you can handle the move yourself, perhaps making multiple trips using your own vehicle or one that you have hired. However, a much easier way to handle a move is to work with a furniture removal service. Here are a few of the main benefits of using this kind of service for your home move.

30 November 2021

The Dos And Don'ts Of Office Moves


Office moves do not leave any room for error. A broken appliance during removals could lead to the loss of critical data. On the other hand, poor planning could cause business interruptions which could affect your reputation. So, how do you execute an office move? The article below details the dos and don'ts of moving your office.  The Dos Examine The Capability Of Your Removalist An inexperienced removalist could cause delays or damage your office equipment.

26 August 2021

5 Removals Tips


Moving can be challenging. This is especially so when you have to juggle between your 8-5 and packing your items. You also have to look for a reliable mode of transportation. The excerpt below aims to help you avoid these hassles. It discusses how you can ensure a stress-free move.  Tip 1: Hire A Removalist Removalists are professionals who handle all aspects of a residential or commercial move. Once you hire these professionals, you do not need to pack, transport, or arrange your items.

21 June 2021

How Residential Removalists Can Save You From a Packing Nightmare


One of the most daunting tasks when preparing for a residential move is packing. If you have little experience with packing and labelling boxes and organizing rooms and their possessions, packing can take an eternity. And the risk of things getting lost or damaged is high. Residential removalists can help you to avoid packing mishaps. If you aren't sure how to go about preparing and packing your home, seek the help of removalists.

12 April 2021

3 Perfect Reasons to Restump the House You Are Moving To


Finding a new home for you and your loved ones can be exciting, but it requires you to be involved in various ways so you can invest in the right home. For instance, you have to check the condition of the residential property and do the necessary repairs before moving in. Usually, it's advisable to get a professional to inspect the house before buying and get reliable recommendations. One of the areas that professionals will check are the stumps supporting the house.

27 January 2021

Four Planning Tips for Using a Shipping Container for Storage


If you are looking for secure storage for special commercial or residential needs, you should plan on acquiring a shipping container. This type of container is ideal for keeping goods because it provides more flexibility than standard self-storage units. Moreover, you will get exceptional security because these structures are designed to withstand adverse conditions. If you are buying or renting a shipping container for the first time, consider using these basic tips for ideal results.

23 November 2020

How To Interview Your Removalist


A professional and experienced removalist will significantly ease your office or home removals. This extract discusses a few questions to help you interview your removalist.  Can You Execute The Move?  The number of items and their destination will determine whether the removalist can handle the move. For instance, some removalists are not qualified to conduct interstate and international removals. Ideally, you should examine the removalist's equipment and vehicles to know whether he or she can transport your items.

18 September 2020